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Life after Life: A Heavenly New Musical

"A tuneful romp through heaven and Earth"

Heartworks International is developing a main stage expansion of the musical Life after Life.

Christopher Capobianco, PTPA Board Member, with Worldwide Voices Executive Director Linda Beckerman

The composer with Christopher Capobianco

Life after Life
A Heavenly New Musical

Book, Music, and Lyrics
by Howard Beckerman


Direction and Musical Direction

by Carl J. Ferrara

"The People"
ABE: Derek Muterspaw
SARA: Laura Meade
JUDY: Jenna Zito
DAN: Eric Rubinstein

"The Angels"
GIOVAN: Sandro Scenga
LUZ: Geri Lynn Greco
OLIVER: Bryan Mayer
ELIZA: Luisa Marino

Carl J. Ferrara - piano
Mark A. Gatz - alto sax, flute, clarinet
Frank Cannon- drums
Michael Palumbo - bass

September 2012-September 2013
The play is based on the composer's first workshop draft of
Angels: The Heavenly Musical.

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